15 Ton Steel Gantry Crane To Fiji

Nov 26, 2021

Last week we received an enquiry about 20 ton steel gantry crane, the customer is from Fiji and he has some factories in his country. He wanted to purchase a 20 ton mobile gantry crane to use in his new warehouse building.

As usual, we asked about load capacity, lifting height and span.

At first, the span of steel portable gantry crane customer required is a little big, we recommended that the rail mounted gantry crane can meet his requirements and sent some pictures to him.

But the customer comparison doesn't seem to be very certain. In order to start from the practical point of view of the customer, we asked the maximum weight of items the customer plan to lift. He said: “5m*3.5m*6m”.

After knowing the parameters and confirming with our engineer, the customer did not seem to need a large span. In the meantime, we also asked the customer for the pictures and dimensions of the warehouse. Combining the two, we conclude: wheel type gantry crane still can meet his needs.

At this point, we made the quotation and drawing for our client. And the client said that: “I've been through the quotation, the design spec and am really impressed with products u offer”.

But because the customer’s first contact, our offer is a little higher than his budget. We suggested he can reduce the load capacity from 20t to 15t according to his actual usage. He thought this is a good idea but needed to confirm with his engineer.

The next day, we asked him what the engineer thinks about 15 ton steel gantry crane. The customer said that this solution is feasible, and please send to him proforma invoice.

Here please check the following delivery pictures of 15 Ton Steel Gantry Crane: