5 Sets European Type Wire Rope Hoists to Mexico

Nov 30, 2022

Specification of European type wire rope hoist

Load capacity: 16 tons

Lifting height: 20 feet

Power supply voltage: 440v 60hz 3phase

Quantity: 3 Sets

What I'm going to introduce today is our european type wire rope hoist. This customer from Mexico almost missed us because he didn't see the number of the machine we offered. However, after our effective and good communication in the later period, the misunderstanding was resolved. Moreover, we have received his advance payment for our 7 sets European type electric hoists. So let's talk about what happens after we received the advance payment from the customer.

After receiving the payment, our client told us not to start producing electric hoists for now. Because his client needs to modify some parameters for 10t European type wire rope hoist. The next day, the customer asked if we could configure the European type hoist with two hooks. We just started thinking that the end user was on a double girder bridge crane, so the answer was yes.

But after the customer visited the factory of the end user and sent us the pictures of the factory the next day, we found that the 10t European-style hoist was used on the single-girder bridge crane. And the customer told us that the end user used two sets European type hoists on the same overhead crane to lift the mold and turn it over. But the problem was that the wires often easily go out the cylinder path and sent us a video showing how they lift the mold with two hoists and flip it.

After checking and discussing with our engineers, our engineers came up with a great solution: Using one set 16t European type hoist with this flip spreader. This way there won't be a situation where wires sometimes get out of the cylinder path. 1. The reason for using a 16t European type electric hoist: the weight of the mold is 10t, and the flip spreader itself has weight, so a 16t hoist is needed. 2. We need to know the size of the mold, then we can customize the lifting distance on the flip spreader.

After the plan was sent to our client, our client and his client were very satisfied and informed that the part that needs to be increased will be paid together with the balance. In addition, production can be started smoothly.