Advantages of Truss Type Gantry Crane

Dec 14, 2022

Introduction of SEVENCRANE gantry crane

The gantry crane is mainly used for bridge construction, and its working speed is slow. It consists of a gantry, a hoist trolley, a trolley running mechanism, a driver's cab and an electrical control system. The portal frame is a truss structure, which has the advantages of light structure and strong wind resistance. Including the main beam, upper end beam, outriggers, lower end beam, traveling trolley and walking platform railings, etc. The main beam adopts a triangular truss structure, on which a track is laid for the trolley to move laterally along the direction of the main beam. The outriggers come in two forms, box-shaped or steel pipe.

The operation method adopts a closed driver's cab with adjustable seats. The floor is laid with insulating mats. The window glass is made of tempered glass. Moreover, items such as heating and cooling air conditioners, sounders, and intercoms can be configured according to user requirements. There are two forms of power supply: cable drum and high-altitude slide wire.

Introduction of truss type gantry crane

There are some performance advantages of truss type gantry crane. The material of the truss type gantry crane adopts a square steel pipe bent frame structure. It is light in weight, small in wheel pressure and good in wind resistance. And can be used in areas with relatively strong winds such as ports.

The truss type gantry crane and large trucks can be controlled by reliable frequency conversion. It can quickly and accurately locate, operate stably, and can effectively solve the problem of swinging objects. The large truck transmission system of the flower frame gantry crane adopts QS three-in-one spline shaft transmission system. The reducer does not leak oil and is maintenance-free. The braking system works very well. The weight of the full-floor gantry crane is very light, and the transportation is more convenient. They are all welded together with angle iron. So the weight is greatly reduced, and the wind resistance is strong. It is not easy to fall when encountering wind and high temperature.