European type end carriage-from SEVENCRANE

Dec 21, 2019

European type end carriage

Product introduction: 

The European end beam is made of rectangular tube. The NC boring and milling machine is integrated into a customized machine tool. A series of production processes, such as drilling, boring, tapping and milling face, are completed at one time. It has high precision, light weight, beautiful appearance and modular production. F series reducer, hollow shaft drive, with high working level, wide range of speed regulation, low noise, high transmission efficiency and multiple characteristics. The whole set of end beams includes: European three-in-one deceleration motor, European buffer, European active and passive wheel set, European end beams, rail sweeper, etc.

end carriage

Operating motor characteristics:           

All aluminum shell compact design, small size, light weight, good heat dissipation performance. The surface is chemically treated and has strong corrosion resistance. The unique electromagnetic design reduces the shaft current and improves the service life of the bearing. 5-120HZ CVT, smooth running torque at low speed, no crawling phenomenon. The high heat-resistant composite enameled round copper wire has reliable winding performance and long service life. With high performance brake, the service life can reach 1.5 million times.Imported bearings of international brands are adopted to ensure service life.Standardized thermal switch to provide thermal protection.Standardized heavy-duty connector plug, fast connection, high safety. Buffer: Buffers are made of natural rubber and backed by 3mm galvanized steel sheet. They can withstand repeated heavy loads without damage and protect the end beams.

end carriage

European wheelset features: 

It has compact structure, fewer parts and is easy to assemble.High strength ductile iron wheel QT700-2 has good wear resistance and shock absorption.Template design and complete supply.DING standard spline 5480 connection, automatic positioning, easy disassembly. Provide direct 110, 140, 200, 250, 315 (320), 400, 500 wheelsets.In addition, non-standard wheelsets can be provided according to customer requirements (forged steel wheelsets 65Mn and 42CrMo wheelsets can be customized).

end carriage

European end beam characteristics:           

  • 1. The lifting motor has a cylindrical rotor and a built-in brake motor.           
  • 2. Lifting limit switch and two upper limit switches can double and reliably control the * high point of the trip of the hook.           
  • 3. The pulley and hook made of ductile iron with large diameter in the hook group are composed of anti-wear roller bearing hook, which can rotate 360 degrees with spring compression. The forging of safety hook is quenched and tempered steel 34CrMoV. According to the standard DINI7200, the traveling mechanism of the trolley is adopted.           
  • 4. The squirrel cage variable-frequency motor operates smoothly, without creeping and soft start. The protective grade IP40 and F insulated motors are fully sealed with 40% ED and the air-cooled built-in thermistor overheat protection motor housing is stamped and formed by aluminum tube.
  • 5. Motor for Car Operation           

(1) The three-in-one structure gear material of walking reducer is made of aluminum alloy and anti-wear bearing automatic gear processing center. Hard tooth surface is polished and semi-greasy lubricated, maintenance-free.
(2)Reducer: shell is made of aluminum alloy die-casting shell, compact design, beautiful appearance, small size and light weight.
(3) Soft start device: Start and brake are very smooth, heavy objects will not shake.
(4) Motor part: high performance, high torque, easy heat dissipation of motor body, small current, small volume, strong output power, high frequency use.
(5) Electromagnetic brake: DC brake, strong braking force, bolts directly adjust the braking force, long service life, high safety, never fall off. 

  • 6. Ductile Iron Wheel-Elastic Noise Small Wheel Surface Hardening Treatment Diameter Small, Height Reduction Material: 42CrMo Surface Hardening Treatment Bearing NSK Limit Switch Machine Structure.         
  • 7. Small limit size, increase effective working area.
  • 8. Reduce the height of workshop and save construction cost.
  • 9. Small size and light weight.
end carriage

European type end carriage

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