European Type Single Girder Overhead Crane To Dominica

Dec 27, 2021

European Type Single Girder Overhead Crane without Main Beam
Lifting Capacity: 3tons
Lifting Height: 7meters
Span: 10meters

On October 15th, we received an inquiry from a Dominica customer.

The client’s company is a local manufacturer specializing in aluminum tubes. He is the manager of the production department and needs to equip their workshop with a 3-ton European bridge crane.

We quickly got in touch with the customer. Asked him about the relevant parameters and layout drawings of the workshop in detail. After understanding his needs accurately, our engineer worked out a plan based on the workshop drawings, and sent the design drawings and quotation to the customer for confirmation.

Plan Change

On October 25th, we received a response from the customer. He agreed with our plan, but they also asked the local price.

After comparing several quotations and discussing with their technical department, he decided to purchase the main girder locally, hoping that we would re-quote the European Type Single Girder Overhead Crane price without the main girder.

On October 27th, we sent the updated plan and quotation to the customer.

Our plan is that the end beam part is composed of a wheel combined end beam frame, and the end beam part mainly consists of an upper cover plate, a web and a lower cover plate. The end beam is made up of two sections connected by high-strength bolts through a connecting plate and an angle steel. Reinforcing ribs are arranged inside the end beam to ensure the stability of the end beam frame after being loaded. All dimensions are determined according to the actual situation of the workshop and the drawings of their main beams.

On November 2nd, the customer asked us how long the delivery time would be. We reply to customers, usually 10 working days after confirming the order. He said needs time to make a decision.

On November 10th, the customer confirmed the order with us.