Hungary 2 Sets Single Girder Overhead Crane without Main Beam

Nov 16, 2022

Technical parameters of single girder overhead crane

Load capacity: 5 tons

Lifting height: 5 meters

Span: 20 meters

Traveling length: 70 meters

Power supply voltage: 380v, 50hz, 3phase

Quantity: 2 sets

The middle of October we received the inquiry for our single girder overhead crane from Hungary. They need 2 sets single girder overhead cranes used in their warehouse. We confirmed the load capacity, lifting height and span to the customer as usual. After sending the parameters of single girder overhead crane to us, they asked us to not have to supply the main beams, crane rails and other steel structures. Because they said they can do them in their local. This is no problem for us, at the same time, we also provided customer with main beam drawing to help them build the main beam.

The customer also asked us to provide the power supply system to ensure the operation of the single beam bridge crane. In order to know the length of the bus bar we need to provide, we confirmed to the customer whether the two single beam bridge cranes are traveling on the same crane rail. And then got a positive answer from the customer. At the same time, the customer made a special request. Sometimes, they need two remote controls to control two overhead cranes separately. And sometimes they need one remote control to control two overhead cranes synchronously. I confirmed with our engineers directly, and we can do it. Customers are very satisfied after hearing it. We also showed our Hungary client the payment bank slips sent by our other clients exporting to their countries and Europe.

Our customer was more satisfied with our single beam overhead crane. After getting our quotation, the client was also very satisfied with our price and immediately asked me to send our bank account.

The next week, we received the down payment.