The order of insulated electric hoist delivers smoothly.

Mar 02, 2020

It has been more than a month since the outbreak of the COVID-2019. The outbreak of the virus isolated people from each other, but did not reduce the passion of workers to work again. During the outbreak, our company received more than 100 contracts and scheme designs, and telecommuting became the norm during the extended vacation. In the stage of gradual resumption of work. The successful return of the r & d staff, is to work overtime every night. Every designer has maintained the spirit of dedication, with full of enthusiasm to stick to the work, it is with this high fighting spirit, SEVENCRANE products can continue to innovate. The order of insulated electric hoist signed before the Chinese new year also delivers smoothly.

Product brief introduction

Insulated electric hoist is a special kind purpose electric hoist, mainly applicable to electrolytic aluminum, magnesium, lead, zinc, copper and other non-ferrous metal smelting workshop.

Insulated electric hoist installs insulation system in the hoist driving mechanism, lifting mechanism, etc, to ensure each point insulation resistance value not less than 1.0 MΩ in a normal temperature. Insulation system is made by with good insulation, high strength, and good abrasion resistance materials. The product basically by the lifting mechanism, operation mechanism, the insulation system and electric control system, etc, the quality of the products accord with the standard ISO, GB, JB, etc.

Industry scope

Suitable for non-ferrous metal electrolysis and smelting industries.

Product Parameter

insulated electric hoist-sevencrane


Insulated electric hoist is the derivative of mature electric hoist. In addition to its unique insulation performance, it also has other characteristics of mature electric hoist products:

  • 1.easy to operate, cost-effective;
  • 2. Multiple product specifications and models, wide range of lifting and running speed;
  • 3. Strong universality of parts and more convenient after-sales service;
  • 4. Simple structure and small limit size

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