Key Maintenance Parts of Wire Rope Hoist

Dec 23, 2022

Electric wire rope hoist is a common lifting equipment. It has the characteristics of compact structure, light weight, small volume and convenient operation. It is mainly installed on various types of cranes for supporting use.

With the development of the construction industry, the application of electric wire rope hoist is becoming more and more extensive. Among them, there are many places with harsh environment. In order to ensure the efficiency and life of electric hoists, some parts need to be checked and maintained regularly. 

Wire rope

The wire rope is the main load -bearing part of the whole hoist, and the frequency of use is very high. Therefore, during daily maintenance, the operator needs to check the strength of the wire rope frequently. Add lubricating oil to the wire rope regularly, which can reduce the friction between the wire rope and the object. In addition, if the wire rope meets the condition of scrap, it needs to be replaced in time.


As an important part of the hoist, the rolling cylinder is often squeezed, bended and pointed by the steel wire rope during the working process. In the daily maintenance process, if the cracks of the drums are found, the scrap treatment should be performed to eliminate hidden safety hazards. Secondly, the degree of rope grooves should not exceed 2 mm. If it exceeds, a new rope slot must be replaced. Moreover, the thickness of the roll wall should not be less than 80% of the original wall thickness. And there should be no cracks on the upper and lower drums.


The reducer needs to add and replace the lubricant regularly. Otherwise, it will not only produce noise, but also damage gears and bearings. If the gear and bearings are damaged, they need to be disassembled or replaced immediately. This can eliminate failures and reduce noise.


The brake is an important part of ensuring work safety. It can prevent the sudden fall of heavy objects and achieve parking function. If there is a problem with the brake, a safety accident may occur.