Crane hook

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  • Capability –up to 500 tons
  • Material –High quality carbon steel and alloy steel and custom required material
  • Standards – can provide DIN standard crane hook


Lifting hook is the one kind of most common type of lifting device. Crane hooks are the very important part in any lifting machines which almost bear all the weight of loads.

In SEVENCRANE, crane hooks production is strict according to the technology requirements. SEVENCRANE hooks adopt quality materials, proper forging, strict machining and heat treatment.

The hooks are divided into a single hook and a double hook according to the shape, and into the forged hook and the laminated hook according to the manufacturing method.

The single hook is simple to manufacture and easy to use, but the force condition is not good, and it is mostly used in work places with 80 tons lifting weight or less; when the lifting weight is large, the double hook with force symmetry is often used. The laminated hook is riveted by several pieces of cut and formed steel plates. When the individual plates are cracked, the whole hook will not be damaged, and the safety is better, but the self-weight is large, and it is mostly used for lifting heavy weight or on the crane of lifting steel water barrel.

Feature & Advantage

  1. Dependable parts, the quality is guaranteed
  2. Compact structure, light weight and small size
  3. Made of high quality materials, not easy to deform, not easy to break

Email: [email protected]
Mobile & Skype & WhatsApp: + 86 182 3712 0067

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