Safety devices of double-girder bridge crane

Dec 15, 2019
Safety devices of double-girder bridge crane

What kind of safety devices are equipped on overhead crane? Safety devices can ensure safe use of bridge crane and prevent possible accidents during lifting operation. Hook bridge crane, as lifting equipment for material lifting, is equipped with a variety of safety protection devices. Common protective devices include lifting weight limiter, limiter, buffer, anti-collision device, anti-deflection and deflection indicator device, and other safety protection devices.

1. Overload limiter for hoisting weight is an important device to avoid frequent accidents by wrong operation during use of overhead crane. When the load on hook is out of SWL, the overload will send signal to control system and cut off the power, and close the brake. Than the hoisting motion will stop to prevent dangerous event.

2. Position limiter for hoisting can trigger protection measure when the hook reach certain point. It mainly is for protecting the hoist body by avoiding the hook crushing on the wire rope drum.

3. Buffer is a mechanical measure to absorb strike energy caused by crushing when end beam run to end stop. It can reduce shock to protect the crane.

4. Anti-collision device—when several cranes run on the same track at the same time, collision between bridge cranes is easy to happen without anti-collision device.

Safety devices of double-girder bridge crane

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