Sri Lanka 4 Sets End Beam Transaction Case

Jan 12, 2022

On May 23, we received an inquiry from Sri Lanka. The customer runs a car workshop. The customer is going to build 4 sets of bridge crane main girder by himself, and then purchase 4 sets of end beam from us.

We confirmed the span, voltage and other parameters of the main girder with the customer. And the specific quotation of end beam was sent to the customer the next day.

After receiving the quotation, the customer asked us about the package size and weight of the end beam. Through communication, we found that the client's working hours are 12 hours a day. For this reason, we recommend the A4 working duty to the client and update the quotation to the client.

Project Suspended

On May 25th, we communicated with the customer about this project as usual. But the customer told us that the lockdown in Sri Lanka will be delayed until June 7.

Due to the lockdown in Sri Lanka, the client has no way to discuss our quotation with relevant personnel in time. So the project is temporarily suspended for two weeks.

On June 7th, we actively followed up with the customer, and the customer reluctantly stated that the lockdown in Sri Lanka had been delayed until July 1. But the customer gave us very positive feedback. He said that once the lockdown is finished, he will place an order with us.

Although the customer was unable to work normally due to the lockdown. During this period, we showed him our factory, the positive feedback from our customers, and the bank slips that many customers sent to us.

In this way, our communication continued intermittently until the October low. The customer said that he was going to purchase the end beam negotiated before and wanted to purchase 3 sets electric chain hoists from us.

After confirmation and communication with the customer, we finally confirmed all the details on October 28th and sent the proforma invoice to the customer.

Since then, the order that lasted nearly half a year have been completed.