The application of bridge crane steel coils in processing and warehousing centers

Jun 21, 2024

A well-known steel coil material processing company in Germany has over 6000 steel coil loading and unloading operations per month. The company was originally a steel trader. It has now developed into a steel coil processing and supply enterprise, selling, storing, processing, and processing steel coil materials. Its product range is diverse, and it has multiple surface treatment processes and coating options. Due to over 60% of its products being provided to customers in the automotive industry, the company must meet the high quality and production standards required by the industry.

In order to achieve this goal, the enterprise has invested in an innovative production processing and warehousing management center. The steel coil warehouse where the SEVENCRANE machine is located is a key element of the management center. The bridge cranes can ensure the correct storage of steel coil materials and timely use on the production line. Its hardware and warehouse management system are tailored by SEVENCRANE.


The bridge crane operating in the steel coil warehouse is the main component of the internal logistics system. They link production, warehousing, and transportation operations together. Two bridge cranes are responsible for semi-automatic and fully automatic handling of steel coils. And their intelligent auxiliary systems also ensure reliable operation.

A crane provides services for the steel coil warehouse in fully automatic mode. Another crane operates under semi-automatic control, used for loading and unloading steel coils on trucks, as well as providing services for the front-end isolation area of the storage area. This crane can also operate in fully automatic mode. The use of electromagnetic lifting equipment in the double beam bridge crane greatly improves the storage capacity of the steel coil warehouse. Due to the fact that the steel coils are grabbed from above by electromagnetic lifting tools, the gap between the steel coils is only 300mm, which increases the effective utilization rate of warehouse space by about 30%.