Transaction Record of Mongolian Steel Wire Rope Hoist

Jun 05, 2024

Product: Electric wire rope hoist
Parameters: 3T-24m
Project location: Mongolia
Project time: September 11, 2023
Application field: Lifting metal minerals


In September 2023, Henan Seven Industry Co., Ltd. received an inquiry from Mongolia on the company's official website. The customer provided a detailed description of the specifications, voltage, application areas, and project situation of the desired steel wire rope hoist. After receiving the inquiry, our sales personnel immediately contacted the customer. And delivered this hoist within one week after receiving payment from the customer.

This client is a Mongolian middleman, but currently resides in China for a long time. Because he is very fluent in Chinese and often procures products in China, the communication process is very smooth. The customer said they have already received the order from the end user, and now they are comparing some of the quotations they have received. It also tells us that the end user needs to transport this steel wire rope to the local mining industry. We have provided a quotation for high-quality and competitively priced hoists according to their usage requirements.

During this period, the customer is still hesitating which supplier to choose for cooperation. After learning about these, we presented our product certificate, test report, warranty certificate, product testing video, and factory information to the customer. After reading these, the customer immediately chose us for cooperation. After the goods were ready, we sent the customer the factory video and loading photos. The customer is very satisfied with this and expressed that they will choose us for cooperation in the future.

After receiving the product, the end user also expressed great satisfaction with our product. The electric steel wire rope hoist is now in use and running well.