• Mini-dizalica-gusjeničar-1-tona-na-prodaju

    12. lipnja 2024

    Spider dizalica od 1 tone otpremljena je u Ujedinjene Arapske Emirate

    Recently, three 1 ton spider crane were successfully shipped to the United Arab Emirates. Its width of only 60 centimeters allows it to enter and exit narrow spaces to the greatest extent possible, which has won the love of overseas customers. The customer has customized a red body for this order, with a grand and…

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  • Dizalice sa žičanim užetom tipa CD

    5. lipnja 2024

    Transakcijski zapis mongolske dizalice s čeličnom užadi

    Product: Electric wire rope hoistParameters: 3T-24mProject location: MongoliaProject time: September 11, 2023Application field: Lifting metal minerals In September 2023, Henan Seven Industry Co., Ltd. received an inquiry from Mongolia on the company’s official website. The customer provided a detailed description of the specifications, voltage, application areas, and project situation of the desired steel wire rope…

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  • crawler pauk kran

    29. svibnja 2024

    Održavanje elektrane uz pomoć Spider krana

    Over the years, the use of spider crane for power station maintenance has become increasingly popular. These small but powerful cranes have completely changed the way power plants are maintained. Compared to traditional maintenance methods, it has many advantages. One of the main benefits of using spider crane for power station maintenance is the increased…

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  • 85t-mosna dizalica

    28. svibnja 2024

    Dvostruka greda za rukovanje mostnom dizalicom u radionici za žigosanje automobila

    The stamping workshop can be regarded as the heart of an automobile manufacturing plant. And its production efficiency is extremely critical to the production capacity of the entire automobile factory. SEVENCRANE provides numerous high-performance material handling solutions for stamping workshops in numerous automotive manufacturing factories around the world. The stamping workshop needs to produce millions…

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  • mosna-dizalica-u-Radionici-obrade-lima

    24. svibnja 2024

    Radionica za obradu lima uz pomoć mosne dizalice

    The shape, size, and weight of the parts that need to be handled by the lifting machinery in the sheet metal processing workshop are usually completely different. Therefore, the requirements for the crane system required for material handling are very high. Firstly, the parts that need to be transported in the sheet metal workshop are…

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  • 34t-mosna dizalica

    23. svibnja 2024

    Dvostruki mostni kran – rješenje za rukovanje betonskom armaturom

    The main building components used in modern building construction usually need to be prefabricated in the production workshop of the construction company. Then it is directly transported to the construction site for assembly. During the prefabrication process of concrete components, construction companies need to use steel wires and steel bars to make steel wire mesh…

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  • dg-mosna dizalica

    21. svibnja 2024

    Mosna dizalica s dvostrukom gredom koja se koristi za rukovanje dijelovima trupa zrakoplova

    The factory of the aircraft body shell component supplier is located in Nordenham, Germany. This factory specializes in producing aluminum integral aircraft body casings. Carbon fiber composite material body structures can also be manufactured for assembling complete body structures. Mainly used for large civil aviation aircraft. The factory needs to produce over 5000 body shell…

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  • KBK-svjetlo-dizalica

    16. svibnja 2024

    KBK dizalica – Rješenje za rukovanje komponentama šasije kamiona

    A well-known high-quality truck and trailer manufacturer produces a wide range of products. The company previously mainly produced classic box trucks and dump trucks. At present, they also produce semi-trailers, container chassis, replaceable truck chassis and cargo boxes, as well as cold chain transportation vehicle equipment. The founder of the company founded the cargo airline…

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  • ugradnja aluminijske dizalice

    14. svibnja 2024

    Studija slučaja australskog projekta aluminijske portalne dizalice PRG

    Product name: Aluminum gantry craneModel: PRGParameters: 1t-1.6m-1.859m-2.559mProject Country: Australia On October 31, 2023, our company received an inquiry from an Australian client. The customer said they want to buy a portable gantry crane, which is 1.6 meters wide, adjustable to 2 meters high, with legs and wheels, and a load capacity of 500KG. After email…

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  • europski portalni kran

    13. svibnja 2024

    Crna Gora Europski projekt portalne dizalice s jednom gredom

    Lifting capacity: 5TSpan: 20MLifting height: 6MVoltage: 380V, 50HZ, 3PhraseCustomer type: End user Recently, our Montenegrin customer received an order from our company for one 5T European single beam gantry crane and completed its installation. The customer is the end user, and they sent us an inquiry about three months ago. They need a gantry crane…

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