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  • Capacidad de elevación: 3,2t-100t
  • Altura de elevación: 12m-50m
  • Materiales: acero fundido, hierro fundido, placa enrollable
  • Podemos producir tambores según las necesidades de los clientes.

Descripción general

The drum is the component used to wrap the wire rope in the hoisting mechanism. The drum, the drum shaft, the flanged inner ring gear, the drum hub, the bearing and the bearing housing form a whole rope drum. Rope drum is usually made of cast iron. However, on special occasions or based on your special requirements, crane rope drum can directly weld with cast steel or steel plate.

According to the shape of the cylinder, the drum can be divided into a long shaft drum and a short shaft drum. According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into a casting drum and a welding drum. According to whether there is a rope groove on the surface of the cylinder of the drum, it can be divided into a smooth surface and a spiral groove surface drum. According to the number of layers of the wire rope wound on the drum, it can be divided into a single-layer winding drum and a multi-layer winding drum. Crane mostly uses the single-layer winding drum.

Característica y ventaja

SEVENCRANE can provide different sizes and designs rope drums for customers’ requirements. We use high quality materials for production and supervise every link of the production process strictly, so our drums are strong, safe and durable.

Requirements for safe use of drums

  1. The fixing device at the end of the wire rope on the drum should have the anti-loose or self-tightening function. The wire rope fixing end should be checked once a month. In any state of using, it must be ensured that the rope retains sufficient safety loops on the drum.
  2. The end of single layer wound drum should have a flange. And the flange should be more than twice the wire rope diameter or the width of the chain than the outer wire rope or chain.
  3. The drum should be scrapped when the following situation happen:Crack; the drum wall wear amount reaches 20% of the original wall thickness; the rope groove wear amount is greater than 1/4 of the wire rope diameter and cannot be repaired.

Correo electrónico: [email protected]
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