• Frequency Converter for bridge crane

    10 de mayo de 2024

    La función principal del convertidor de frecuencia para puentes grúa

    1. Energy consumption reduction. During the operation of bridge cranes, a large amount of energy consumption occurs due to the start and stop of the motor. By adjusting the operating frequency of the motor, the frequency converter can make the start and stop of the motor smoother. And it can reduce the energy consumption of…

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  • 08 de mayo de 2024

    Detalles a los que prestar atención al utilizar ganchos de grúa

    The crane hook is the most commonly used lifting device in lifting operations, which bears all the load lifted. Once daily inspections are not carried out properly, problems such as damage or unstable fixation can easily lead to safety accidents. 1、 What are the types of hooks? The classification of hooks is extremely broad. Overall,…

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  • Grúa aérea suspendida de una sola viga

    16 de abril de 2024

    Infracciones comunes durante el levantamiento de objetos pesados con grúa puente

    1、 Unlicensed use of bridge crane for lifting operations Main hazards: Untrained, lack of common sense, prone to operational errors, resulting in lifting injury accidents. Response measures: Strengthen regulatory efforts and strictly prohibit non certified lifting workers from carrying out lifting operations. 2、 Failure to wear labor protection equipment as required when entering the work…

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  • Puente grúa eléctrico LD

    16 de abril de 2024

    Principio de funcionamiento de la grúa puente de una sola viga

    The working principle of a single beam bridge crane is mainly to drive the main beam of the crane through an electric end beam. The electric hoist lifts the goods and moves them through the running track. The overall motion control of the crane is achieved through a control system. This working principle enables the…

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  • foto-del-sitio-de-la-grúa-pórtico.

    11 de abril de 2024

    Precauciones para la instalación de grúa pórtico

    1. Before installing the gantry crane, the installation plan should be determined based on the lifting equipment used for on-site installation, and installation technical measures should be formulated. And provide safety technical briefing to installation workers. 2. The installation site should be flat and hardened. The entrance and exit roads should be unobstructed with no…

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  • grúa-pórtico-de-ferrocarril-en-venta

    10 de abril de 2024

    ¿Cómo afrontar las averías repentinas de la grúa pórtico?

    The sudden failure of the gantry crane requires following the principles of safety, speed, and accuracy, taking appropriate emergency and repair measures to ensure the safety of personnel and equipment. At the same time, strengthening the maintenance and upkeep of equipment, improving the skills and qualities of operators, is also an important measure to prevent…

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  • Grúa de manipulación de cucharones a la venta

    03 de abril de 2024

    Protección de seguridad de la grúa aérea metalúrgica

    Due to its ability to significantly reduce the intensity of physical labor and improve labor productivity, metallurgical overhead crane has become an indispensable mechanical equipment in modern industry. Lifting machinery has the characteristics of large changes in mechanical load, diverse lifting forms, wide range of activity and operation, and complex working environment. Characteristics of metallurgical…

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  • pórtico de neumáticos de goma

    22 de marzo de 2024

    ¿Para qué escenarios son adecuadas las grúas pórtico con neumáticos de caucho?

    The rubber tyred gantry crane is suitable for the following scenarios and industries: Ports and freight logistics: Container gantry cranes are widely used in port terminals and freight logistics sites. Used for loading and unloading containers, stacking, and handling goods. Construction site: In construction sites, rubber tyred gantry crane can be used for handling and…

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  • Grúa-puente-con-control-de-cabina-de-16-toneladas-en-venta

    21 de marzo de 2024

    Instalación Eléctrica y Puesta en Marcha de Puente Grúa

    In the construction of power plants, bridge crane are a widely used lifting equipment. Its frequent use, heavy workload, and high vibration result in a high failure rate. Scientific and reasonable construction methods are the key to ensuring installation quality during the electrical installation and commissioning process of bridge cranes. The installation of electrical equipment…

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  • pórtico montado sobre rieles

    14 de marzo de 2024

    Razones para instalar dispositivos de frenado de emergencia en una grúa pórtico

    The installation of emergency braking devices on gantry cranes has become increasingly necessary. D ue to the critical role that these devices play in ensuring the safety of workers and the equipment itself. There are several reasons why it is crucial to have emergency braking devices on a gantry crane. Firstly, the use of emergency…

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