Portal aluminum gantry crane

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  • Load capacity: 250kg ~5000kg
  • Crane span: adjustable
  • Lifting height: adjustable
  • Hoist unit: hand winch or hoist



It is of unique design for the small lifting capacity 100-5000 kg—-super light dead weight (aluminum alloy material),very easy installation, adjustable span, adjustable height, etc.A unique ultra-light & rapidly deployable gantry that provides a versatile lifting solution for goods and personnel

Feature & Advantage

500kgs portable mini mobile lifting aluminum gantry crane

(1) All aluminum construction that is lightweight, portable, easy transport, easy assembly;

(2) 3 Piece Design for quick setup,tear down, simple 4 bolt ground-up assembly; (3) Fully Adjustable with simple 4 bolt adjustment for lift height and clear span; (4) Powder Coat Finish for easy clean up,use in clean rooms, labs, hospitals;

(5) Locking Casters for independent swivel and roll for full operator control;

(6) I3 standard models with lift capacity of 5000kg. A GANTRY Crane for any job;

(7) Customer Models with lift heights to 5m., beam lengths to 9m., winch equipped, cantilever;

(8) Locking Surround Beam Trolley including surrounds beam, for prevention of derailment;

(9) Gr.9 Fasteners that are plated for corrosion resistance, extreme strength Padded Handles to assist in height adjustment, handles on beams for easy carrying.

Email: [email protected]
Mobile & Skype & WhatsApp: + 86 182 3712 0067

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