Single girder gantry crane

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  • Load capacity: 3 tons ~ 32 tons
  • Crane span: 4.5m ~ 30m or customized
  • Lifting height: 3m to 18m or customized
  • Hoist unit: wire rope hoist or chain hoist
  • Working duty: A3, A4
  • Power source: Based on your power supply


Single girder gantry crane is a transformation for overhead crane/EOT crane.

Usually, loading and unloading operations for cargo located outdoors need this kind of equipment. Structure of this crane looks like a door frame, which has a main girder above ground. With legs and travelling carriage on the groud, the whole equipment can achieve motion in both directions. With hoist unit, single girder gantry crane can achieve loading and unloading of the cargo. Also cantilever outside span is an option for bigger working area.


Single girder gantry crane are widely used for material handling in open area like factory yard, cargo terminal, logistics transfer station, metro construction site and other place outdoors. Also it can be used in buildings where construction base doesn’t exist to support overhead crane.

Feature & Advantage

  • Less requirement for site
  • Less operation cost
  • Less maintenance
  • High protection level
  • Control methods options avalibable
  • Soft starting and stopping
  • Various operation speeds, improve efficiency
  • Sturdy construction, durable performance

Email: [email protected]
Mobile & Skype & WhatsApp: + 86 182 3712 0067

What we need to know before quote?

1.Lifting capacity–____t

2.Span(distance between 2 parallel rails)–____m

3.Lifting height–____m

4.Cantilever length–____m

5.Power supply–____V____Hz____Phase

6.Special needs

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