Grab bucket

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  • Working duty: A3-A8
  • Volume: 0.3-56m³
  • Grab weight: 1-37.75t


Grab bucket is a kind of special tool used in the crane to grab bulk cargo. Grab operation does not need heavy manual labor, and can achieve high loading and unloading efficiency and ensure safety.

SEVENCRANE grab bucket is mainly used for the loading and unloading of logs, minerals, coal, sand and gravel materials, earth and stone, scrap iron, pig iron and other irregular bulk cargo, suitable for steel mills, waste incineration treatment, port, docks, railway transit, mines and other occasions.

Feature & Advantage

  1. High quality materials, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, long service life
  2. Mature production and processing technology, safe and reliable

The common fault in the use of grab bucket is abrasive wear. According to the relevant data analysis, it can be found that in the form of grab bucket failure, about 40% of the work performance is lost due to pin wear, and about 30% of the work performance is lost due to wear of the bucket blade. And about 30% of lost work performance due to wear and tear on the pulleys and other components.

It can be seen that improving the wear resistance of the grab bucket pin shaft, the bushing and the bucket edge is important way to improve the grab bucket service life. In order to improve the grab bucket service life, SEVENCRANE use different wear-resistant materials, different processing techniques for different situations of the wear parts of the grab bucket, thereby greatly improving the grab bucket service life.



Capacity: According to weight of lifting load, working environment, plant st 10t capacity. Span: According to distance between runways or columns in workshop, our engneers can derive specific technical scheme. Further more, if customer can provide layout of the plant, our engineer will offer precise and economic solution. Generally, span of crane can be up to 31.5m and available for customized span. Lifting height: According to distance from roof top to ground in workshop, our engneers can confirm lifting height needed. Also, height from roof top to runway will be very important for installation. If customer can provide drawing of the plant section, we can find better choice for you. Power supply: Power grid is very different from country to country. To insure our equipments have stable and reliable performance, please inform us local power supply conditions. For example: Voltage 220v,380V, 400v, 415v or 440v. Frequency 50Hz/60Hz. 3 phase. Control method: Pendant control, remote control(wireless radio control), cabin control.

Types of SEVENCRANE grab bucket

According to the shape:

  1. Clamshell grab: It is composed of two pieces complete shovels. The materials are sily, clayey and sandy.
  2. Orange peel grab bucket: It is composed of three or more jaw plates. And It is used for large irregular pieces of rock and other irregular pieces.


According to the driving mode:

  1. Hydraulic grab: Hydraulic grab is also called hydraulic claw.SEVENCRANE hydraulic grab bucket itself is equipped with open and close structure, generally driven by hydraulic cylinder, composed of a number of jaw plate. SEVENCRANE hydraulic grab bucket is widely used in special hydraulic equipment, such as hydraulic excavator, hydraulic crane tower, etc.
  2. Mechanical grab: SEVENCRANE mechanical grab bucket itself does not have an opening and closing structure, and is usually driven by a rope or a connecting rod. According to the operation characteristics, it can be divided into the double rope grab bucket and the single rope grab bucket. The most common one is the double rope grab bucket. After using two sets of double ropes, it becomes the four-rope grab bucket, and the working process is the same as the double-rope grab bucket.

According to the size of the grab bucket, grab capacity:
Light crane grab bucket: dry grain, little bricks, lime, fly ash, aluminum oxide, sodium carbonate, dry slag, etc.
Medium crane grab bucket: gypsum, gravel, pebbles, cement, large blocks, etc.
Heavy crane grab bucket: hard rock, small and medium-sized ore and scrap steel, etc.
Extra heavy crane grab bucket: heavy ore, scrap steel, etc.

Due to the frequent use of the grab bucket and the limited operation level of the operator, the failure rate of the grab bucket is very high. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen the inspection of these parts during the daily inspection process, and also to maintain the maintenance of these parts, so as to increase service life of the grab bucket and increase productivity.

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