Semi gantry cranes

Semi gantry crane

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  • Load capacity: 3tons~ 32 tons
  • Crane span: 4.5m ~20m or customized
  • Lifting height: 3m to 18m or customized
  • Hoist unit: hoist or trolley
  • Working duty: FEM1m, FEM2m, FEM3m
  • Power source: Based on your power supply


Semi type gantry crane is actually one kind of gantry crane as to it has only one leg. Under some special conditions at site(usually it’s about building base and rail for crane),  EOT crane and gantry crane can’t meet the requirement. Then semi crane might be a better choice for demand. Semi gantry crane has two set of end beams, one runs rail on the ground, the other one runs rail on building. In this way, area close to wall can also be reachable.


Indoors and outdoors site, where two rails can’t be all on ground or overhead: fabrication workshop, warehouse, assembly factory, storage area and other modern production factory.

Safety protection for semi gantry crane

  1. Overload limiter
  2. High quality, long-term use, impact-resistant polyurethane buffer
  3. Crane travel limit switch
  4. Loss of voltage protection, phase protection
  5. Emergency parking system
  6. Lifting height limiter

What we need to know before quote?

1.Lifting capacity–____t

2.Span(distance between 2 parallel rails)–____m

3.Lifting height–____m

4.Cantilever length–____m

5.Power supply–____V____Hz____Phase

6.Special needs

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