About us


SEVENCRANE (Henan Seven Industry Co., Ltd) offers our customers with reliable, safe and high-performance solutions for industrial cranes, cranecomponents and drives.
SEVENCRANE stands for first-rate service, cost-effective, high quality.
SEVENCRNE serves a wide range of industries including machinery, metallurgy, power industry, railways, water conservancy, ports, mines, coal, petroleum, chemical industries, etc.
Based on our brand commitment, we provide butler-style services to our customers at all stages, and fully consider the solutions for the purchase, production, transportation, installation and after-sale process of cranes.
Our customers appreciate our reliability and professionalism.Our sales staffs are trained in professional crane knowledge and customers can communicate with them on technical issues directly.


SEVENCRANE is committed to the highest efficiency, best results and best service. Choose SEVENCRANE to give you peace of mind and focus on your business. "Tell SEVENCRANE your needs and leave the rest to us."

Our core values: First class service, Safety, Efficient, Reliable.