Electric chain hoist

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  • Load capacity: 0.5 ton ~ 50 tons
  • Lifting height: 3m ~30m or customized
  • Drive unit: motorized or manual
  • Working duty: A3
  • Power source: Based on your power supply


Electric chain hoist is a kind of lifting unit which is similar to wire rope hoist. But there are also different between them.

1) Different cable-stayed capacity–chain hoist has bigger capacity

2) Different winding devices—chain hoist has not disorder phenomenon

3) Different mechanical principles—lifting force chain hoist is more flexiable

4) Different Service Life—chain hoist is longer


Electric chain hoist is widely used in various factories, warehouses, wind power generation, logistics, docks, construction and other industries.

Feature & Advantage

  1. Electromagnetic brake: whenpower isdown unexpectedly, brake will response immediately to ensure safety.
  2. 2. Limit switch: it can automatically cut off power when motions are over limit to ensure safety

Electric chain hoist maintenance

  1. When the operation is up to 500 hours, please check whether the amount of lubricant in the electric chain hoist gearbox is sufficient. Check the lubricating oil regularly every three months after the first check if it is insufficient.
  2. When using the electric chain hoist outdoors, rainproof equipment should be installed.
  3. Always keep the electric chain hoist parts dry. When the operation is finished, please drive the hoist away from the wet area, high temperature area or chemical area to maintain its performance.
  4. Maintenance of the chain. Lubricating the chain with oil and  remove the foreign objects in the chain and the limit guide group regularly to ensure smooth running of the chain.
  5. When the chain hoist is not used for a long time, it should be rust-proofed, cleaned and maintained, and run up and down for 1-3 minutes to maintain its performance.

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