European type electric hoist

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  • Load capacity: 1ton ~80 tons
  • Lifting height: 6m ~18m or customized
  • Drive unit: motorized or manual
  • Working duty: FEM 2m, 3m
  • Power source: Based on your power supply


New compact-design ND serial wire rope hoists offer outstanding quality and efficiency. Absolutely reliability is one of the most important features. Introduced latest technology like infinitely variable speed control, braking energy feedback system, safety monitor into control system. All those innovations benefit our customers for greater reliability and efficiency and make ND wire rope electric hoist very competitive in the market.

Our European type electric hoists adopt advanced European technology, and the overall technical level has reached the advanced level of similar products at home and abroad. European-type electric hoist is characterized by compact structure, light weight, small wheel pressure, large space utilization, and high cost performance. At the same time, the larger working range of the European-type electric hoist can increase the utilization rate of the internal area of the plant and reduce the blind spot. European-style electric hoists use high-quality components, which are safe, reliable and durable. Moreover, it adopts modular design, has low maintenance cost, convenient maintenance and complete spare parts service. The European-style electric hoist adopts humanized design, which enables customers to increase safety and comfort during use. The appearance and parameter performance design are particularly obvious, and it is the star product of our company.


European-type electric hoist is mainly used as a lifting mechanism for European-type overhead cranes and European-type gantry cranes, and can also be installed on H-beams separately.

Feature & Advantage

  • High reliability, small size–three-in-one motor
  • Low energy consumption and high torque output–high-efficiency motor with hardened gear reducer
  • Fast, low noise and reliablebrake–high-precision automatic adjustment electromagnetic brake
  • Greater and safer pulling force–high-strength, high-flexibility wire rope
  • Longer wire rope life–high-strength nylon rope guide, pulley, self-lubricating
  • Longer wheel life–high-strength alloy wheel set
  • Flexible combination–modular design

Email: [email protected]
Mobile & Skype & WhatsApp: + 86 182 3712 0067

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