Mobile gantry crane

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Mobile gantry crane is most popular type material lifting equipment for workshop, warehouse material delivery, outdoor, construction, etc. It consists of gantry frame, main beam, hoist, electric driven, universal and electrical box, etc. 0.5-20Ton be complete designed and customized as per customer demands.


Mobile Gantry Crane can be omnidirectional mobile small light lifting equipment. The girder of Mobile Gantry Crane is made from I beam, which is bearing the load and also as the traveling track of hoist.

The Mobile Gantry Crane is equipped with universal wheels that can move omnidirectional on flat ground. The main girder and legs are connected through flange plate with high strength bolt connection, can be disassembled or assembled quickly, or moved to another working site.

Normally, the Mobile gantry crane lifting capacity: 0.25ton~20ton, lifting height: 3m~10m or customized, span: 5~10m.

Mobile gantry crane mainly has below Types:  single girder mobile gantry crane with manual hoist, single girder mobile gantry crane with wire rope hoist, single girder mobile gantry crane with chain hoist

Component of A-frame Mobile Gantry Crane Supplier With Competitive Price :

-Gantry frame (main beam, leg, ground beam)

-Hoist trolley

-Crane travel mechanism

-Ground control/Remote control



The Mobile Gantry Crane can reduce manpower and improve work efficiency. Applies to the open warehouse or small workshop for light load handling and lifting work.  Especially suitable for mould manufacturing enterprises, mining, automobile factory, construction site, logistics companies, such as mechanical processing manufacturing enterprise, warehouse etc.  Prohibited for lifting high temperature solution, flammable, explosive, corrosion, overloading, dust and other dangerous operations.


Mobile portable gantry crane can be divided into below types :

Mobile portable gantry crane with wire rope hoist
Mobile portable gantry crane with chain hoist
Mobile portable gantry crane with chain block
Adjustable aluminum portable gantry crane

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