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KBK crane

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KBK crane system is applicable to general workshop, warehouse and lifting materials below 2 t, lifting transportation demand environment temperature is -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃. The install location of KBK crane system should be no more than 1500 m altitude, general work indoors.


KBK crane system is a new type overhead crane what is designed based on new modular concept. Crane parts with different function are separated into different modular. And modular with same function are easy to interchange. By simple combination, the crane system can easily achieve different function according to requirements at site. It can be formed into single girder suspension overhead crane, double girder suspension overhead crane, jib crane, light type gantry crane and stacking crane. We also can build large scale automatic material handling system with KBK rail for our client.

KBK crane system ranges from 125kg to 2000kg.


KBK crane system is well applied in diverse industries like automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, electronic assembly, food processing, machinery manufacturing, warehouse and other industries. Its function can cover all kinds of material lifting and handling occasions during production processing. Also it can meet the usage requirements for assembly, maintenance service and storage. It especially suit for production line which has dense equipment, short-distance lifting and frequent operation.

Feature & Advantage

KBK crane advantages

  1. Good reliability, high stability

Materials of KBK rail system are made by high precision process in our factory. Strong parts can guarantee stable running status. Combined reasonable design based on site, KBK rail system can provide high reliability logistics handling experience.

  1. Flexible adaptability

KBK rail system is basically put together with standard module. Each module has different size and specification, so we can choose between them. By reasonable combination, different modules are assembled together to achieve certain function. And this function is determined by the customer. With different functions required, modules can be applied differently. In this way, KBK rail system get flexible adaptability.

  1. Convenient and economical installation

KBK rail system is easy to install and adjust. Connection between base and KBK rail is standard components and bolts. Connection between two pieces KBK rail is bolts. By this method, coverage of KBK rail system is adjustable. Lifting unit is mainly electric chain hoist or manual depends on demand. It can save height space in the existing building and considerably improve efficiency of production activity.


KBK crane system is convenient to install and maintain. Because of standard modules in the whole system, connection of each module is mainly achieved by bolts. With several pieces of KBK rails, monorail lifting crane system can be set up simply with bolts. With double parallel KBK rail and lifting girder, we can get a system covering working area. Based on customer’s different usage demand, KBK rail can transform into proper shape.


During customer’s actual research for proper solution, our technicians can provide you with professional consultation and guidance. Based on actual state and customer’s request, we will find you the best systematic solutions. Combined with our good quality of product, customer can get nice customer experience during usage.

Email: [email protected]
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