Self propelled scissor lift

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  • Capacity:230kg-490kg
  • Lifting height:4-18m
  • Table size: 1650x750—3210*1600
  • Products can be customized according to customer needs


The self propelled scissor lift is a kind of platform which driven by AC power, diesel engine or battery power, and can operate the walking, steering and lifting working on the platform table. It is high-altitude operation equipment with higher technical content on the market. The operation of the self-propelled lifting work platform is very automatic. Self propelled scissor lift can also be equipped with a manual hydraulic device, which can be lifted and lowered as usual in a power outage or no power supply. The telescopic platform can be added to extend the working table size, thereby improving work efficiency.

Feature & Advantage

Strong, reliable, easy to maintain, standard accessories, two-wheel drive, free turning, charging indicator, emergency descent system.

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Mobile & Skype & WhatsApp: + 86 182 3712 0067

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