Crane electromagnet

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  • Cold-state power(kw):2.6-41.6
  • Lifting capacity: 500kg-40000kg
  • Color: yellow/orange
  • Rated voltage: according to client’s requirement
  • We can make products according to customer requirements.


Crane electromagnetic chucks, also known as magnetic chuck and crane electromagnets, are mainly used for lifting magnetic materials such as steel in metallurgy, mining, machinery, transportation and other industries. Also it is used as an electromagnetic manipulator to clamp magnetic materials, and suitable for handling cast iron ingots, steel balls and various scrap steel. The excitation mode can be constant voltage mode, strong excitation mode and over excitation mode.

Feature & Advantage

  1. SEVENCRANE crane electromagnetic chuck adopts fully enclosed structure and has good moisture resistance.
  2. Our crane electromagnetic is optimized by computer, the structure is reasonable, and the energy consumption is low.
  3. The excitation coil is treated by special process to improve the electrical and mechanical properties. The insulation material has a heat resistance grade of C and a long service life.
  4. Different structures and parameters are adopted for different items to be sucked, which can widely meet user requirements.
  5. The high-temperature electromagnet adopts a unique heat insulation method, the sucked material temperature from former 600 ℃ to present 700 ℃, expanding the applicable scope of the electromagnet.
  6. Easy installation, operation and maintenance.

Precautions for use

  • Check whether the parts of the electromagnetic chuck are damaged before use, and replace them timely.
  • Pay attention to the surroundings before lifting, and do not pass from the top of equipment and personnel
  • Check whether the rated current is reached before lifting.
  • Pay attention to the inspection before lifting, whether there is non-magnetic material between the lifting object and the lifting electromagnetic chuck, so as not to affect the lifting height.

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