What are the types of port cranes?

Jun 26, 2024

Port cranes are important equipment used for loading and unloading goods. According to their structure and purpose, they can be mainly divided into the following types.

1. Container Gantry Crane

Features: Specially used for loading and unloading containers, with a huge structure. Usually installed at the edge of the dock.


Rail Mounted Gantry Crane: Operates on fixed tracks, suitable for large ports and container yards.

Rubber Tyred Gantry Crane: Equipped with tires, it can move freely within the yard with high flexibility.

2. Portal Crane

Features: Installed on a fixed foundation at the dock or yard, with a door frame structure and a crane trolley installed on the bridge.

Usage: Suitable for loading and unloading bulk cargo, general cargo, and heavy equipment.

Advantages: Able to cover a large work area and adapt to different types of goods.

3. Ship-to-Shore Crane

Features: A specialized crane installed on fixed tracks at the edge of the dock for loading and unloading container ships.

Usage: Specially used for loading and unloading containers on ships, capable of extending to various parts of the ship.

Advantages: Strong lifting ability, precise operation, and high efficiency.


4. Bulk Handling Crane

Features: Specially designed for loading and unloading bulk cargo such as coal, ore, grains, etc.


Grab Crane: equipped with a grab bucket, used for grabbing and handling bulk materials.

Ship Unloader: Specially designed for unloading bulk cargo from ships.

5. Fixed Crane

Features: Fixed on the foundation of the dock or yard, without the ability to move.

Usage: Suitable for heavy loading and unloading tasks in fixed positions, such as loading and unloading large equipment or overweight goods.

6. Mobile Crane

Features: Installed on the vehicle chassis, it can move freely within the port.


Rubber Tyred Crane: Equipped with tires, it can move quickly within the port.

Crawler Crane: Equipped with tracks, suitable for moving on uneven or soft ground.

7. Floating Crane

Features: A crane installed on ships or barges that can move on the water surface.

Usage: Suitable for offshore operations, floating dock loading and unloading, salvage, and offshore construction.


There are various types of port cranes, and according to different application requirements and environmental conditions, suitable lifting equipment can be selected to improve operational efficiency and safety. When choosing, factors such as the type of goods, operating environment, technical requirements, and economic costs should be considered.