Why choose rubber tired gantry crane

Jun 27, 2024

Rubber Tired Gantry Crane (RTG) is a lifting equipment widely used in ports, docks, and container yards. Due to its unique design and flexible operation characteristics, RTG performs excellently in container handling and stacking operations. The following are the advantages of tire mounted gantry cranes:

Highly flexible

Free movement: RTG can move freely on the ground without tracks, with strong adaptability. It can quickly adjust its position to cover the entire site.

Multi directional movement: The rubber tire design allows the RTG to move in multiple directions. Even in narrow and complex courtyards, it can be flexibly operated.

Environmental protection and energy conservation

Electric drive: Modern RTGs typically use an electric drive system, which reduces the use of diesel engines. So as to meet environmental requirements.

Energy saving: Electric systems have higher energy efficiency, lower operating costs, and are more economical for long-term use.

Efficient operation

Quick positioning: RTG can quickly locate the designated location, reducing loading and unloading operation time and improving work efficiency.

Precision control: Equipped with advanced electrical control systems and sensors, it can achieve precise lifting, movement, and placement operations, ensuring accuracy and safety of operations.

rubber tyred gantry crane

High security

Windproof design: The RTG design takes into account windproof performance, ensuring stable operation in the wind environment of the port and ensuring operational safety.

Complete safety devices: equipped with various safety devices, such as collision prevention system, emergency braking system, and load monitoring system, to ensure the safety of operation.

Good economic efficiency

Low initial investment: Compared to rail cranes, RTG has a lower initial investment cost as it does not require the construction of rail foundations.

Low operating costs: The use of electric drive systems reduces fuel and maintenance costs, making long-term operation more economical.

The tire type gantry crane has become an indispensable loading and unloading equipment in ports, docks, and container yards due to its advantages of high flexibility, environmental protection and energy conservation, efficient operation, high safety, convenient maintenance, strong adaptability, and good economy. Choosing the appropriate RTG can significantly improve operational efficiency and safety, while reducing operating costs.