Electric European type single beam overhead crane

Dec 06, 2021

Electric European type single beam overhead crane adopts European-style optimized design. Light weight, small wheel load, more compact size, and the lifting weight can reach 32t. A variety of modes can meet the various uses of all users, excellent drive performance, frequency conversion speed regulation, and stable operation.

Single main beam, welded box shape, camber in accordance with national standards. Steel plate material is Q235B or Q345B, webs are cut by 40m CNC cutting the entire width to ensure smooth forming and accuracy of camber curves.

The main welding seam of electric European type single beam overhead crane adopts automatic submerged arc welding. Non-destructive flaw detection, and shot blasting of the whole beam after welding, reaching Sa2.5 level, eliminating welding stress. Epoxy zinc-rich paint, two bottoms and two sides, 140μ thick, long life, beautiful appearance and good gloss.

The main beam and the end beam are connected by 10.9 high-strength bolts to ensure the structural strength and accuracy of the whole machine. Large and small cars use a three-in-one drive mechanism. Variable frequency stepless speed regulation, hard tooth surface, and disc brakes.

The cart is driven by IP55, F-class insulation, and the connection duration rate reaches 40% ED. The end beam is equipped with flat wheels or double-rim wheels, anti-wear bearings, cart buffer blocks, and anti-derailment end plates.

Electrical aspect: safe trolley line power supply, equipped with phase loss protection function, independent control of the three mechanisms of lifting, trolley, and trolley, which can operate independently or at the same time.

European type bridge crane is suitable for working in an environment where there is no flammable, no explosive and no corrosive media. For special environments, explosion-proof bridge cranes can be customized. And metallurgical overhead cranes can be customized for working environments with molten metals and highly toxic materials.