The advantages of wall mounted jib crane compared to other crane

Jan 20, 2024

(1) Safe and reliable. The SEVENCRANE wall mounted jib crane has a light weight. And it is easy to operate with a small car, making it easy to move. Very suitable for fast and reliable transportation of workpieces with relatively fast lifting requirements.

(2) The installation size is reasonable. Wall mounted jib crane for sale can enable you to quickly and reliably transport materials within specific areas and accurately locate various components.

wall travelling jib crane

Precautions during operation

During the construction process, construction personnel must have specific division of labor and clear responsibilities. During the entire lifting process, it is necessary to strictly follow the order on site, obey orders and obey commands, and not leave the work position without authorization.

The personnel participating in the construction must be familiar with the lifting method and engineering content of the CE approved wall mounted jib crane. Strictly follow the requirements of the construction plan and strictly follow the regulations and specifications.

When lifting, the entire site is commanded and dispatched by the overall commander of the top choice for wall mounted jib crane, and each position's sub commander should correctly execute the commands of the overall commander. During the lifting process, there should be a unified command signal. All personnel participating in the construction must be familiar with various signal contents in order to coordinate the construction of various operation positions.

All personnel participating in high-altitude operations during construction must fasten their safety belts during operation. Tools should have safety ropes and should not be thrown down casually.

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