The significance of achieving intelligence in marine gantry crane

Jan 19, 2024

SEVENCRANE marine gantry crane usually refers to a lifting machinery with lifting capacity and running along a fixed track. Generally speaking, these cranes are manually operated, and operators must obtain a crane operation permit to work. It is particularly important to have an unmanned intelligent door operator to reduce labor costs.

The so-called unmanned intelligent crane is the application of some intelligent technologies to cranes, enabling them to automatically complete lifting tasks. It has automatic control operation and movement functions, is programmable, and has human-machine interaction functions.

Unmanned automated marine gantry crane for sale have broad market prospects. The unmanned crane is actually an automated robot, which enables the crane to transform from traditional machinery to intelligent machinery!

Single cantilever gantry crane

Compared to ordinary cranes, unmanned top choice for marine gantry cranes have four main advantages:

1. Suitable for high-capacity or harsh working environments, using programs to replace human operations. Not only can it work in various harsh environments, but it can also achieve a set of programs to control multiple cranes, reducing labor costs.

2. More precise homework. It can make the positioning of the hook precise, with small drift, especially suitable for processing places and factories that require high installation accuracy and accurate positioning.

3. Energy saving and environmental protection, saving about 60% of electricity compared to ordinary lifting stages under the same working conditions, and significantly reducing noise pollution.

4. Reducing safety accidents can avoid safety accidents caused by improper manual operation.

Unmanned intelligent CE approved marine gantry cranes are commonly seen lifting equipment in modern industry, and are essential mechanical equipment for many enterprises to carry out engineering operations. They play an important role in industrial production.