What are the main performance parameters of boat gantry crane

Jan 18, 2024

1. Lifting capacity. Refers to the maximum load mass that a SEVENCRANE boat gantry crane can safely lift, usually expressed in tons. Different types and specifications of cranes have different lifting capacities, generally ranging from 40 tons to 120 tons.

2. Work level. Refers to the classification of a crane based on its working load and frequency. Usually represented by the letters A to F. The higher the work level, the greater the load the crane bears. The higher the working frequency, and the shorter its service life.

3. Applicable environment: refers to the external conditions under which a boat gantry crane for sale can operate normally, including temperature, humidity, wind speed, altitude, and other factors. Different types and specifications of cranes have different applicable environmental ranges. The general requirement is that the temperature should be between -20 ℃ and+45 ℃, the humidity should be below 90%, and the wind speed should be below 20 meters per second.

SEVENCRANE gantry crane

In addition, different types of cranes also have their own unique characteristics and performance. For example, shore container cranes are used to transfer containers between ships and the shore. It can be fixed on the shore track and move along the track. Tire mounted and rail mounted cranes can freely walk on the freight yard and are used to transfer containers between the yard and the chassis. These cranes are equipped with specialized lifting equipment, which can quickly and accurately complete the loading, unloading, and handling of goods.

When selecting a CE approved boat gantry crane, it is necessary to choose the appropriate type and specifications based on actual needs. Meanwhile, when using a crane, attention should be paid to safety operating procedures to ensure safe operation.

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