Maintenance points of rubber tyred gantry crane in cold weather

Jan 17, 2024

1. Maintenance of electric motors and reducers

Firstly, it is necessary to regularly check whether the temperature of the motor casing and bearing parts is normal. Is there any abnormal phenomenon in the noise and vibration of the electric motor. It should be noted that the temperature rise of the motor should not exceed the upper limit value specified in its manual. Adjust the brake according to the requirements of the motor user manual. The daily maintenance of the gearbox can refer to the manufacturer's user manual. And the foundation bolts of the reducer should be checked regularly, and the connection should not be loose.

rubber tyred gantry crane

2. Lubrication of the walking device

Secondly, when maintaining SEVENCRANE rubber tyred gantry crane components, attention should be paid to the lubrication of the gearbox. When using, the ventilation cap of the reducer should be opened first to ensure good ventilation and reduce internal pressure. Before starting work, check whether the lubricating oil level of the gearbox meets the requirements. If it is lower than the normal oil level, the same type of lubricating oil should be added timely.

The bearings of each wheel of the walking mechanism have been filled with sufficient lubricating grease during assembly, and do not require daily refueling. Lubricating grease can be replenished every two months by filling the oil hole or opening the bearing cover. Disassemble, clean, and replace the lubricating grease once a year. Apply lubricating grease to the meshing points of each type of gear once a week.

3. Maintenance and upkeep of the winch unit of rubber tyred gantry crane for sale

Regularly observe the oil window of the crane gearbox and check whether the lubricating oil level is within the specified range. When the oil level is below the specified level, lubricating oil should be replenished in a timely manner. When the crane is not used frequently and the sealing condition and usage environment are good, the lubricating oil in the gearbox should be replaced every six months. When the usage environment is harsh, replace it every quarter. When water ingress is found in the CE approved rubber tyred gantry crane case or there is always foam on the oil surface and it is determined that the oil has deteriorated, the oil shall be replaced immediately. When changing the oil in the top choice for rubber tyred gantry crane, it is necessary to strictly follow the oil replacement instructions specified in the gearbox user manual, and avoid mixing the oil.