Australian Column Cantilever Crane Project

Sep 06, 2023

Product model: BZ column type cantilever crane

Lifting capacity: 0.5T

Working radius: 5m

Lifting height: 5m

Voltage: 415V, 50HZ, 3Phase

Customer type: end user

0.5t column cantilever crane

Recently, our Australian client completed the installation of a column type cantilever crane with our assistance. They are very satisfied with our machine and say that there will be more projects to cooperate with us in the future.

They ordered four 0.5 ton column cantilever cranes from us six months ago. After a month of production, our company arranged for shipment in early April of this year. After receiving the cantilever crane, the customer did not immediately proceed with the installation. Because the customer's factory has not been built yet and the foundation has not been laid, it is temporarily impossible to install it. After the infrastructure construction was completed, the customer quickly completed the installation and conducted testing. During the inquiry, the customer stated that they wanted a handle and remote control. But he was also concerned that the remote control of the three cantilever cranes working in the same factory building would affect each other. We carefully explained to him that we will set the three remote controls to different frequencies before shipping. Even in the same space, using remote control to control the cantilever crane will not affect the other one. The customer was very satisfied with our solution and quickly confirmed the order and completed the payment.

Australia is one of our main markets for jib crane. We have exported multiple lifting equipment to the country, and our product quality and service have received high praise from our customers. Welcome to contact us for professional and optimal quotes.