Philippine European Bridge Crane Project

Aug 10, 2023

Product model: European single beam bridge crane SNHD
Lifting capacity: 2T
Span: 10.661m
Lifting height: 5m
Running distance: 28.63m
Voltage: 440V, 60HZ, 3Phase
Customer Type: End User

single girder top running crane

Recently, our company received installation feedback pictures from customers in the Philippines. The 2T European single beam bridge crane they ordered from our company has been installed, tested, and put into use. The customer is very satisfied with our equipment and has stated that they will continue to order our bridge crane for their second factory building.

The customer ordered this 2T bridge crane for their first factory building. The factory has columns but no brackets. The customer wants us to provide bridge cranes, sliding lines, track beams, tracks, and brackets. Considering cost reasons, the customer chose to purchase rail beams and brackets locally, and we recommended the model to the customer. At the time of inquiry, the customer's second factory building had not yet been constructed. Based on the factory design drawings provided by the customer, we also provided a bridge crane quotation and drawings for the second factory building. The customer expressed satisfaction with our quotation and submitted it to their company's management for approval. After a period of waiting, the customer confirmed the order and arranged for payment.

The installation of European style single beam bridge cranes can greatly improve the production efficiency of the workshop. As one of our advantageous products, this product has been exported multiple times to Southeast Asia, Australia, Europe and other places. Welcome to contact us for professional and optimal quotes.