Cyprus Single Girder Overhead Crane Case

Dec 29, 2022

Required specificatins

Item: single girder overhead crane; electronic scale hook; electric wire rope hoist

Quantity: 6sets

Span: 18m

Lifting height: 8m

Power supply: 415v 50hz 3p

Usage: lifting rebars

On 13rd Sep, we received an inquiry of single girder overhead crane from Cyprus. The client said nothing, but asked for catalog of our company. We sent it to him immediately.

After reviewing our company catalog, the client told us that he was looking for two 12ton overhead cranes, span 18m, travelling length 70m with double hoist. And three  5ton overhead crane, span 18m, travelling length 70m with single hoist. And client emphasized that all single girder overhead cranes must come with wireless remote control. We continued to confirm more details of single girder overhead cranes, such as lifting height, power supply. In addition, we also confirmed whether the 12ton single girder overhead crane and 5t single girder overhead crane use same track rail. The client’s reply was yes. Then, we calculated and sent the quotation with related documents to the client’s email address.

But after reviewing the quotation, the client told us that the two tonnage overhead crane will use different crane tracks, which means they work in different bays. But it seems the client don’t understand the meaning of bay. We tried to explain to him by drawing and showing pictures. Finally, the customer understood the meaning. He mentioned the quotation will be studied by his department, and then give us feedback on September 19.

On September 19, we asked the client if they had made a decision. He replied that they need more time to study, as soon as next week.

During the time of waiting, we shared similar cased and showed client’s feedback on our cranes. The client was very happy that we have lot of experience of exporting, and many of good feedback. He was very confident that the quality of our cranes is guaranteed. Most importantly, the quotation was very reasonable for them. Because they had limited budget for the single girder overhead crane.

After knowing that, we offered some discounts to the client. And finally he confirmed order with us at the end of September. Moreover, he added some electric wire rope hoists, electronic scale hooks for his project.