German Spider Crane Project

Jun 21, 2023

Product model: Spider crane SS3.0

Lifting capacity: 3T

Maximum height above ground: 9.2m

Maximum working radius: 8.3m

Size: 2900 * 800 * 1580mm

Weight: 2050 KG

Customer Type: End User

SEVENCRANE recently received an order for a 3-ton spider crane from Germany. The customer sent us an inquiry in early April. And after a month of communication, the customer confirmed the order and made a prepayment at the end of April. After 25 working days, the spider crane has completed production and we will arrange for sea transportation as soon as possible. We believe that the customer will receive this spider crane soon.

The customer is the end user. And their main purpose of using spider cranes is to install glass curtain walls, balcony fences, etc. Previously, they had been renting spider cranes from other brands. Considering cost issues, they decided to purchase a spider crane. And due to the need to lift the glass, a glass suction cup is also required. We have provided a comprehensive solution according to the customer's needs, and the customer expressed satisfaction with our quotation. After approval by their internal procedures, the customer ultimately confirmed the order and paid the advance payment.

As a professional lifting equipment manufacturer, our various products have passed CE certification and have excellent quality. And we have our own spare parts warehouse, which can help customers solve problems in the first time and reduce downtime.

We can not only provide customers with mobile handling equipment such as spider cranes, but also provide customers with overhead crane and gantry crane solutions. As a competitive product of our company, spider cranes have been exported to over 20 countries and regions, helping customers solve their problems.