Paraguay Single Girder Bridge Crane Transaction Case

Dec 13, 2021

Technical Parameter of Single Girder Bridge Crane
7 ton, 13m span, 6m lifting height, two sets
15 ton, 12m span, 6m lifting height, one set

On October 13, we received an inquiry from Paraguay. The customer consulted us about the prices of 15 ton and 7 ton single girder bridge crane.

After receiving the customer's inquiry, we contacted the customer soon. And asked the customer the specific lifting height and span he needed.

The customer answered our question very patiently.

The customer is an enterprise engaged in the manufacture of bearings and has a history of nearly 80 years.

The three bridge cranes purchased this time are in preparation for the two new factories they built.

He needs to purchase two sets of 7 ton single girder bridge crane with a span of 13 meters and a lifting height of 6 meters. And a 15 ton single beam overhead crane with a span of 12 meters and a lifting height of 6 meters.

After confirming the voltage and the port with the customer very seriously, we sent the detailed quotation to the customer's mailbox.

Receive a response from the customer

On October 15th, the customer read our quotation and expressed their recognition of our professionalism. The customer stated that he collected 4 quotations from China, but only our company provided very detailed drawings and production quality control plans, as well as specific production process instructions.

After doing a basic comparison, the client arranged for his Chinese friends to communicate with us.

The customer's friend said that he will visit our factory on behalf of the customer and decide whether to cooperate with us after the visit.

On October 20th, after we received the notice of visiting the factory, the customer did not implement the next step, so we asked the customer about the situation.

Customer feedback, the company is doing the final technical review, after the technical review, will soon arrange people to visit the factory.

On 11.1, we received a message from the customer. On this Wednesday, the customer will arrange a visit to our factory.

As we described, we have a very formal production and quality control plan. After the customer visited, they agreed with our quality and service.

On 11.8, we received the purchase order from the customer as scheduled.