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Crane Cabin

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  • Dimension:customized
  • Alarm: Customer Required
  • Glass:Toughened
  • Air conditioner:Customer Required
  • Color:Customer Required
  • Material:Steel
  • Chair:Customer Required


The crane driver’s cabin which ensures the safe operation of drivers is an important part of lifting machinery. It is widely used in Packing crane, ship unloader, tire port gantry crane, floating crane, quayside container gantry crane, metallurgical bridge crane, general bridge crane, tower crane and other lifting and transportation machinery.

Feature & Advantage

SEVENCRANE crane cabin is sturdy, beautiful, safe, insulated, fireproof, dustproof and fully enclosed. A set of hot and cold air conditioning and ventilation equipment can be set according to customer requirements, ensuring that the inside temperature is controlled between 18 and 25 °C throughout the year.

Our cabin with vibration and cushioning is soundproofed and the indoor noise is controlled below 65 decibels.

SEVENCRANE crane cabin is welded with high-quality profiles into a high-strength skeleton. And applies the high-quality cold-rolled processed by CNC machine tool.

The interior of the skeleton is lined with fireproof, heat-insulating and sound-insulating materials. The surrounding decoration is decorated with medium-density board and aluminum-plastic board or riveted with steel sheet. The window is usually made of 5mm thick tempered or laminated safety glass with a transmittance of not less than 80%. The glass is fixed by rubber molding. After the window is made of aluminum alloy or plastic steel, the window frame is fixed by rubber molding.

The door is made of insulated steel sliding door or open structure door, with glass fixed window at the top of the door, special lock for the driver’s cabin with inner and outer handles in the middle, and double sealing. The indoor floor is made of detachable 4mm thick steel plate, and the non-slip insulated rubber carpet is laid on the upper part. The control wires can be bundled on the lead frame under the floor, and the cable outlets are used for cable wear protection. If the working place is outdoors, the floor is a pattern, hot-dip galvanized grid.

The driver’s cabin paint adopts epoxy zinc-rich primer, epoxy cloud iron intermediate paint and polyurethane top coat. The total thickness of the paint film is not less than 210um. The room is usually equipped with a fluorescent lamp with a protective cover, a light switch and a spare power outlet. The front windshield is equipped with a wiper and a water spray device. There are fixed hole for installing the cabin on the bottom frame, height and amplitude indicator, wind speed indicator, weighing indicator, torque limiter indicator, site monitoring display, cabin rotating brake, etc.

Email: [email protected]
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